Connecting People across Boundaries . 
3 concepts : peaceful, powerful, playful .
5 countries : Japan, Italy, U.S.A, India, Ukraine .
7 styles : painting, photography, picture, print, portrait, performance, poem, project .

About 3578 Progect
We have been conducting various projects to realize a peaceful world through art for more than 3 + 5 + 7 + 8 years. Finally, we found that this world could be changed by only numeral values. Politics or happiness is decided by numerals such as the The number of votes obtained, the examination score, the annual income, the cholesterol level, and the average life span. Even the value of art can be measured by that market price and the number of visitors to its exhibition .
    Johnnes Kepler discovered a mathematical beauty in celestial movements. Numerals are the purest art forms to express this world.
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    We have carried out various activities for over 3 + 5 + 7 + 8 years and have aimed to realize a peaceful world through art, but finally realized that this world can be reformed only by numerical values It was. All politics and happiness, such as the number of votes of electoral votes, radiation doses, test scores, annual income, cholesterol value, average life expectancy, are all determined by numbers. The value of art is also measured by the market price and the number of visitors to the exhibition.
    The ancient Greeks defined the standard of beauty at a certain ratio. Leonardo da Vinci showed a deep interest in mathematics. As Johannes Kepler has found mathematical beauty in the movement of the heavens, the numbers are essentially related to beauty, and the numbers are the purest art forms that make this world representable.
4 years leaving in Japan 4 years sketching people in Tokyo trains .... :) Here is result 
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