1989 , Vasylkiv Ukraine
Education :
2001 -2005  Art school, Alchevsk, Ukraine               
2007- 2013 National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine, Profession  Architect.
2015 -2018 IKENOBO SCHOOL, Kyoto, Japan, has completed advanced course in Ikebana awarded the traditional title of Kaiden. 
Exhibitions :
2015 - personal exhibition in "SICF " festival, Spiral Building, Tokyo , Japan.
2015 - art project " Lal'ka motanka ", ZOU-NO-HANA terrace, Yokohama, Japan.
2016 - art project "You make toY", ZOU-NO-HANA terrace, Yokohama, Japan.
2016 - personal exhibition in NADiff gallery “ - What (do) I see. (?) - What (do) I think .(?)"            Tokyo, Japan. 
2017 - art project " Visualization of Proverbs " , " Velvet Sun " , Tokyo, Japan.
2017 - art project " STAMP STAMP STAMP " , Bayside Marina & Mitsui outlet park ,                      Yokohama, Japan . 
2017 - Collaboration with Japanese Contemporary Circus (art installation made for contemporary circus performance program), forest of Kamoi Shimin no Mori, Yokohama Japan.This project is included one of the cultural programs for the urban green festival in Yokohama.
2018 - Collaboration with Japanese Fashion brand "Wei" for the collection S/S 2018.
2018 - Art Performance Leka &Yuki Kobayashi, "Velvet sun", Tokyo. 
2018 - Art projects Kids-Guernica and Third Paradise at Kawauchi Village in Fukushima.
2019 - Group exhibition " Project 3578 " connecting people across Boundaries, gallery Art Lab Akiba, Tokyo, Japan.
2019 - OKIAGARI KOBOSHI exhibition, Traditional Arts Super College Of Kyoto, Kyoto,               Japan. 

Leka is an interdisciplinary artist who creates pictures, videos, installations and art performances. Her work brings together many areas of research. Leka was born in Vasylkiv in the center of Ukraine. She studied art in the art school in the East of Ukraine, which she graduated with a distinction in 2005. From 2007 to 2013 she studied architecture in the National Aviation University in Kiev (Ukraine), and in 2013 she moved to Tokyo (Japan), where she lived until 2018. Shortly after moving to Japan, a revolution and then a war started in Ukraine, which stimulated the direction of Leka's art works against the idea of war, aggression, racism. Her artist career in Japan began with a few cultural exchange art projects in Yokohama city ( 2015 - art project "Lal'ka motanka "; 2016 - art project "You make toY" at ZOU-NO-HANA terrace in Yokohama ). The key idea of the projects was to connect people from different cultures. During her stay in Tokyo Leka focused on studying Japanese traditional culture and art. In 2015 she became a student of Ikenobo Floral Art School, and in 2018 she got awarded the traditional title of Kaiden in the Ikenobo school (Kyoto). Inspired by the Japanese rich traditions, philosophy, nature and newly acquired knowledge, she developed an art installation dedicated to environmental protection. This project was supported by Yokohama city and the installation took place in 2017 in the bamboo forest Kamoi Shimin no Mori in Yokohama (Japan) in collaboration with Japanese Contemporary Circus. In the 2018 Leka made an art performance in Tokyo in collaboration with another performance artist, Yuki Kobayashi. The performance was raising questions about modern technologies and communication and their effect on our living. Leka was also involved in various projects for supporting peace on the planet. In 2017 she carried out an art projects "Kids Guernica”(founded by Dr.Takuya Kaneda Artist and Professor of Otsuma Women's University) and "Third Paradise”(founded by artist Michelangelo Pistoletto) in Kawauchi village of Fukushima (Japan). In 2018 she presented her art works in the gallery Art Lab Akiba in Tokyo as a part of the group exhibition " Project 3578 “, founded by Dr.Takuya Kaneda, an artist and Professor of Otsuma Women's University, and a conceptual artist Kuniyoshi Murata.  Together with eight other artist from different countries, the exhibition aimed to connect people across the borders.
From 2018 Leka has been a part of the project “Okiagari Koboshi”(ambassador designer Kenzo Takada). The project's idea is connection and support through art between victims of the nuclear disasters in Fukushima, Japan and in Chernobyl, Ukraine.
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